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About Us

IndieBoom Hotels is a Full Service Hotel Booking Company under National Hotels Association, that was established to meet the needs and expectations of each client by providing exceptional customer service, competitive rates and cutting edge technology for your professional and personal functions.


Why Us

For Convenience: Multiple booking options 24/7

For Affordability: IndieBoom Hotel's team of experts will negotiate rates and present you with the lowest possible rates.

For Value: We believe in details and understand that there are no shortcuts to a job well done

For Flexibility: We never try to force your needs to fit into a generic model, but shape it to satisfy your needs and exceed your desires.

For Support: Using our services is like having a full time staff at no additional cost to you.  We will put the entire team behind you to support you through the entire process and make your experience stress-free, simple and successful.

For Security: We believe that we can build a relationship with our customers and provide an important sense of security by knowing they are working with professionals.

For Friendship: At IndieBoom Hotel's you are not an anonymous client, but a valued friend.

We Have An App!

Check Out the New App Available for Android and IOS

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Once App is Downloaded Click Hotels and Enter (indieboom) as Code.